Retreat and Cruise Service in Oshawa

Retreat And Cruise Service In Oshawa

Our retreat and cruise service in Oshawa is not an average retreat. On a regular day at sea, you’ll awaken in a cloud of plush bedding to a cup of aromatic coffee, the steam of which will mix with the cool ocean wind. Your plans for the custom-designed shore excursions you’ll reserve with your concierge will be influenced by the breathtaking scenery from your balcony

. After your excursion, you could feel like taking a dip in the Sundeck Jacuzzi, where you can enjoy a cocktail while taking in the 360-degree view, or you might choose to unwind with a spa treatment before being guided on a mouthwatering gastronomic trip by Michelin-starred chefs. Whatever tickles your fancy, your time with our retreat and cruise service in Oshawa will never be routine.

Our team members worked arduously on initiatives to boost culture and company development in addition to having a great time in the sun. By continuously enhancing our culture, Rosetta cultivates an environment where brilliance flourishes and can provide our clients with retreat and cruise service in Oshawa, earning their unwavering loyalty and trust.