Career Counseling Service In Oshawa

One of the most significant and life-altering choices a student will ever make is choosing the appropriate career. If it is not taken seriously enough, it could lead to regret, annoyance, and restlessness for the rest of your life. But at this point, the right direction from a qualified educational Career counseling in Oshawa puts a student on the path to success. A potent program for fostering and boosting pupils’ passion for who they genuinely are and what they are truly capable of is presented by Rosetta Qadhi. She is a qualified expert in providing career counseling for students in Oshawa.

With a range of activities and a special one-on-one session with the well-known and knowledgeable career counselor of Oshawa, Ms. Rosetta Qadhi, we have created special career counseling for students in Oshawa. This method of evaluation allows for the discovery of a student’s potential. Students around Oshawa can attend this career counseling session, the first of its type in that nation. It is clear from the fact that Thank God, our career counseling services in Oshawa have a 96% success rate (based on a survey report).